Juanita’s offers five varieties of authentic Mexican Menudo for every preference. Just open, heat, serve and enjoy with your family. You can also try our NEW Menudo Starter and make authentic, homemade Menudo in less than one hour using your own family recipe!


The original Juanita’s Menudo is prepared with ingredients of the highest quality to indulge your taste buds.

Extra Hot Menudo

Juanita’s Extra Hot “Fuego” Menudo is for those who like it extra spicy and hot. We added more hot red chiles and spices for the “fuego” heat you crave and the Juanita’s homemade taste you love.

Hot & Spicy

Juanita’s Hot & Spicy Menudo is prepared with more red chile and spices for a bolder version of her original Menudo to rev up your taste buds.

Menudo with Honeycomb Tripe

Juanita’s family recipe, with added premium honeycomb tripe and the original flavor that has been kept alive for generations.

Menudo Without Hominy

Juanita prepares menudo without corn so that you can enjoy it as they do in central and southern Mexico, without losing the essence of the traditional flavor that you love.