January is

National Menudo Month

Join us every January to celebrate this unique Mexican food tradition!

Menudo is a traditional soup made with beef tripe, bone stock, hominy, chilies and other seasonings. It’s a favorite at Mexican family gatherings, celebrations and on Sundays. Bringing the family together and celebrating traditions is the heart of Juanita’s.

National Menudo Month 2018 celebrations were awesome!!

We celebrated National Menudo Month 2018 in a really big way by setting the Guinness World Record for the largest Menudo Soup ever made! We also searched for the best homemade menudo cooks in Texas and California through the contest “Vive la Tradición.” The passion for this tradition was impressive and we crowned the Queen of Menudo in two states as they each took home a brand new Kia Soul. Our collaboration with the Art Institutes Culinary Program made possible for Juanita’s to invest in future cooks as they learn the culinary skills needed to keep our Mexican traditions alive and compete for $17,500 in scholarship money. Super stars, Angelica María and Angélica Vale accompanied us as we celebrated Mexican traditions!


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