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Vive la Tradición Contest

Juanita’s is looking for the best homecooked menudo in California and Texas. The person who make it will be crowned the King or Queen of Menudo in January, during National Menudo Month.

Taste Challenge

There’s nothing better than variety. Juanita knows this and offers you different options for Menudo and Pozole, because as good a mom as she is, she knows that each person has his/her own preference. Do you like it spicy? With Honeycomb tripe? Let her know through this taste challenge!

National Menudo Month

Juanita’s understands that Menudo has a special place in the culture of Mexican cuisine. Since 1950, Juanita’s has prepared authentic menudo for special occasions and everyday meals, for long Sunday dinners and quick nourishing lunches. To celebrate the unique role of Menudo in the Mexican experience, Juanita’s is celebrating National Menudo Month in January.